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Dershowitz Claims Obama-Soros Connection

fbi-buiding Was Obama Putting his Thumb on the Scales of Justice?

Washington Watch: The hypocrisy that is rampant in today's political landscape has been called out by Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. The former defense attorney has most recently been in the spotlight as a member of the team which assisted President Donald Trump with his impeachment defense.

In a recent interview Dershowitz claimed that Barack Obama attempted to use the influence of the Oval Office to secure an FBI investigation on behalf of billionaire George Soros. The allegation, of which Dershowitz claims he has proof, comes as Attorney General William Barr is facing harsh criticism from Democrats for his handling of Justice Department matters related to President Trump.

Democrats have claimed that the Justice Department, including Barr in particular, has been influenced in its decision making by Trump. In a recent interview Dershowitz made the point that White House involvement in the matters brought before the Justice Department has a historical precedent.

Dershowitz claims that he has proof President Barack Obama asked the FBI to investigate someone on behalf of George Soros. While Dershowitz did not elaborate on the accusation, he did say that the proof would become public at some point because it is part of an ongoing lawsuit.

The revelation is another example of partisan politics in action. Democrats have criticized Attorney General William Barr and the Washington Post even referred to Barr as the "wingman" for President Trump. There was little or no outcry, however, when Attorney General Eric Holder used the same term when referring to himself during the Obama administration.

Conservative politicians are pointing to the claims of Dershowitz as evidence of political hypocrisy. Another example is the criticism Barr has received for the handling of Roger Stone's criminal sentencing. Barr made headlines when he stated that the sentencing recommendations for Stone were too harsh.

Democrats were quick to allege interference in the Stone case by President Trump. It was Barr, however, who stated he agreed with the prosecution and conviction of Stone. He simply opposed the recommended sentence because he felt it was unfair.

Dershowitz went even farther in his interview by claiming that President Trump could exert far more influence over the Justice Department if he chose to do so, citing President Thomas Jefferson as an example.

It appears that when one views the actions of President Trump without the filter placed on his administration by the liberal media, a very different picture emerges of the current Commander-in-Chief. 

Did Obama Put his Thumb on the Scales of Justice? Let Us Know Your Thoughts Below...

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Monday, 14 June 2021

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