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Hillary Clinton Breaking Down

Posted on July 26,2017

Is Hillary Clinton as put-together as she may seem? This point is up for contention with rumors that she is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Perhaps it’s the result of her biting the bullet to save the Bill Clinton administration? Here’s more about Hillary Clinton breaking down.

Hillary Clinton Breaking DownIt could be that her staying married to Bill Clinton was one of many tough decisions that have taken her toward a nervous breakdown. By her staying loyal, despite her husband’s affairs, lies, and allegations, he maintained his administration and the Democratic Party. But then came 2008 and Barack Obama took the prized position as President.

Then comes Donald Trump, who has no political experience, and he takes the ultimate seat in the White House, instead of Hillary Clinton. Well, now the Democratic National Committee has taken a step back from her and so has many of her monetary supporters. Why are they doing so? Because she’s blaming many of them for her loss in the latest presidential campaign. In addition to blaming the Committee, she’s also pointing the finger at polling units. It’s unclear how much of the blame she accepts or what she’s saying to herself.

With all that has happened, it’s not a wonder that Hillary Clinton – with or without husband Bill Clinton – is heading toward a nervous breakdown. She’s been but through a psychological storm for so long and is now only showing the effects by falling apart before our eyes. She really didn’t think she would lose to Trump in November, but there you have it, there it was. Reality. And Hillary couldn’t pull herself together to appear election night.

She’d planned for the win for so long in her campaign, and it didn’t happen, for various reasons, from misogyny to the media. If she has a nervous breakdown, who knows what she will do next.

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