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Removing Confederate Monuments

Posted on August 27,2017

Many Confederate statues will not be around much longer, at least not if things continue going as they have been. After a white nationalist rally turned physical in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month, it brought more eyes to the Confederate monuments there and across the country. There are several hundred of these monuments of generals and other figures from the Civil War era, and now some government officials are asking for their removal.

Confederate Statues Removed So Far

Removing Confederate MonumentsThe monument removals ordered thus far include the Roger B. Taney statue in Annapolis, Maryland, two plaques dedicated to Robert E. Lee in Brooklyn, New York, and a Confederate soldiers monument in Gainesville, Florida. In Durham, North Carolina, a group of protestors took this process into their own hands by pulling down a Confederate statue of a soldier that had stood outside the Durham County Courthouse since 1924.

In Jacksonville, Florida, the local city council’s president Anna Lopez Brosche is calling for the removal of all Confederate monuments from city property and put into a museum instead. A Confederate statue in Boston, New York, is covered until the state decides whether to remove it or not.

Why the Removal of Confederate Statues?

This move to take down Confederate statues comes more than 150 years post-Civil War. While some people say that these monuments are historical tributes and symbolize honor, others argue that they are symbolic instead of slavery in America’s dark past.

Across the U.S., citizens are asking their local officials to remove the monuments from public property, with some fearing that failure to do so will draw white supremacists who use the Confederate statues as focal points for their hate speech. This would mean that the Confederate statues celebrate the losing side of the war and thus are in favor of white supremacy.

Are you in favor of removing Confederate monuments? Why or why not?

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