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Who Is the New FBI Director?

Posted on July 31,2017

As President Trump brings a new FBI director on board by the name of Christopher A. Wray, now is as good a time as ever to profile Wray. The decision by President Trump to nominate Wray for the position became public news over Twitter on June 7th. Here is an overview of Christopher Wray.

Christopher Wray’s Background

Who Is the New FBI Director?Wray is a former criminal prosecutor for the government, making him already a recognizable face in Washington. Wray’s focus has been on white collar criminals.

As per President Trump’s tweet linked above, Wray is “a man of impeccable credentials.” This tweet, by the way, was released the same day that James Comey was to testify on his interpretation of Trump pressuring him. Yes, this is the same Comey that Wray is being nominated to succeed.

Although President Trump had considered politicians for the position, Christopher Wray is likely to be seen as a safer choice. Indeed, the position is usually out of partisan. Wray was an assistant attorney general in the George W. Bush administration so he does seem to have a background that makes one think he wouldn’t let President Trump infuse a political agenda into the FBI. He received his law degree from the esteemed Yale University.

What is Ahead for the New FBI Director?

Christopher Wray will not have an easy road ahead. There is the possible Russian espionage, as well as that of China, which needs to be dealt with. Wray will have to take the reins of an agency of about 35,000 men and women. He will have to work hard earn the trust of every one of them.

A more public profile for the next bureau director would be a positive step. Whether Mr. Wray will remain independent of the White House once he takes the position as the new FBI Director has yet to be seen.

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