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NFL & The National Anthem

Posted on October 05,2017

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Just last week, President Donald Trump shouted out with passion, “Fire those s### of b#####,” pertaining to NFL players who were kneeling to protest racism during the National Anthem. Mr. Trump’s passionate outburst set off a volley of emotions and feelings for the past week, with football players, fans, and the general public, having their minds scrambling with what to do next. Much has happened in the White House recently. But, history will determine the totality of President Trump’s brunt words, with the impact already significant and quite possibly having long term affects including many benefits.

NFL & The National AnthemIs kneeling during the National Anthem a protest that is past a boundary of what the designers of the First Amendment had in mind? Freedom of peaceful protest and freedom of speech were written as part of the First Amendment of the Constitution with logic that it would not void common sense, common decency, dignity, honor, and liberty for everyone. If a false witness tells lies in court to have someone falsely incarcerated, can they claim righteousness because they have the right of free speech? There of course has to be boundaries that go along with freedom of speech, and this grey area is where passionate debates ensue.

It’s surprising to witness, that in the year 2017, the amount of ignorance that still exists due to some people of varying cultures having radical intolerance for each other. If someone has a problem because everyone in the world is not exactly like they are, or that they aren’t the color or culture of their choice; God created the beauty of this diversified world, people didn’t. 

Unless someone is a racist or a bigot, then a peaceful and tasteful protest against any existence or tolerance for racism should be done in good conscience. When someone is put into a position where they can respectfully protest racism and they are seen as having idle acceptance of it, this is a vote for racism, stifling the growth of the human race. 

There might be almost as much of a division on how to protest racism right now then the division from racism itself. In my opinion, for myriad reasons, I feel that kneeling during the national anthem has many levels of wrongness to it including that in apparentness, it creates additional division for a problem that is already defined by division. I also don’t appreciate this type of protest because too many patriots who have sacrificed for the U.S. have a real reason to feel that they are being dishonored.

Months before this issue ever became a National Football League point of focus; true opinions of how everyone felt in the United States were surfacing as never before. Since President Trump took office and his detractors have been offering that his words are a continual pack of lies, a paradox lies heavily within any of their accusations. ‘Truth,’ is coming to light as never before in America, from Mr. Trump being in office.  

Without a basis for the truth of how everyone really feels, there is no basis to have an understanding of where to grow from, including for our country as a whole. Whether someone is a fan or not of President Trump; the truth of America is being exposed as never before. One key for addressing racism; is for everyone to take the initiative to figuratively or literally link arms with anyone of any race. Anyone who wouldn’t do so…might be the racist, and they would be without a justifiable complaint against anyone, and most certainly cannot claim superiority.

With media sources linking the world, and Donald Trump as president, this past week in the White House has been a significant time period for truth in America and the world unlike any other time period.  

Weekly White House Summary

Written By: James Rathman

Staff Writer, ProudOfTheUSA.com      

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